Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Special Day

For those of you that don't know, today is a very special day, it is Amber's Birthday. So I wanted to take this opportunity to say a few words in honor of this special day. Amber, I know you have never been thrilled that your Birthday fell where it did, so close to Christmas and just before New Years. But I have a theory. Now, I have known for quite some time that you are a very special person, and I think being born when you were makes you that much more special.....Think about it.......You were the ultimate gift at Christmas time, a beautiful baby girl and a brand new life to start a new year. I feel very fortunate that you came into my life and have shared so much with me during our time together. So many happy days and memories, lots of comforting times and yes, more than our fair share of sad times and dark days. Some that brought us closer together and some that threatened to push us apart, but they are all times that I treasure and would not trade for anything in the world. From the very first time we met, and I gazed into those big brown eyes, I could sense there was something extraordinary inside you, and the more I have come to know you the more grateful I feel that you have allowed me into your life. Your warm smile, caring eyes, and outgoing personality can bring life to any room, and joy to so many......So, I think it is appropriate that you were born when you were.....a very special, beautiful girl and a wonderful gift to all that know and love you. Happy Birthday sweetie.....xoxox

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa, you didn't even let me explain.

Now I think this predicament earned at least a pout. He didn't even give me the chance to tell him the whole story. I was just an innocent bystander among a few gathered friends at Zed & Ginger's and lo and behold there was a knock on the door. I opened and greeted the visitor with my best manners and still got spanked. Gee. Other than some friendly and harmless pranks I was being a good girl. Really. Sure I might have known a little something about someone's coat coming up missing, but I returned it unharmed. If someone offers you a drink or two...isn't it polite to accept it ? I must say that I think my behavior had been influenced by the eggnog. Yeah that was it. Surely I shouldn't have been held entirely responsible for my behavior for the past year. Many of those "accidental moments of naughtiness" had already gotten my bottom soundly spanked. Guess I'll have to try harder to stay off the naughty list. By the look of my bottom afterward, Santa must of thought I'd been extremely naughty. Ouch. Maybe if I leave him extra cookies next time...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gee Santa, this isn't what I expected. I asked for chocolate truffles in my stocking. He must have gotten me confused with someone else, cause I got a switch and coal instead.
The past couple of days have been busy ones for me, I got a later start on my Christmas decorating than usual. I have a good excuse however. I had the opportunity to take a trip to Kentucky with Todd & Suzy for a small gathering of friends at Zed & Ginger's. Todd gave me a perfect warm up before bedtime after my arrival to their place. Suzy seemed to find my already getting spanked amusing, but she gave me chocolate so that made it fair. The road trip to Kentucky was so fun-Suzy and I were so behaved. I have no clue why Todd threatened to pull over. Zed & Ginger were such gracious hosts. It was a much needed time away for me and I feel so grateful to have developed the friendships I have in the spanking community. They failed to warn me however that Santa would be stopping by and I sort of some how ended up on the naughty list. There will be more to share with my being on Santa's knee next time and it's not sitting upon his knee if you get what I mean.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


A new version of Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas by Amber Grey

Jolly ol' Saint Nicholas, lean your ear this way,
Don't believe a single word of what I'm going to say

There are those who do believe a naughty girl I've been,
Santa, if they really knew the trouble I've been in...

Christmas eve is coming soon, now you dear old man,
a spanking you may give me...
just catch me if you can !

Friday, November 21, 2008

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I thought I'd share one of my favorite recipes. Now I know not everybody loves the cranberry sauce. It's one of those things that you either hate or love. I'm one of those that love it. Those of you who hate it, don't spank me just yet, I'll put up some more holiday recipes soon.
I've been trying to eat healthier and so I've been experimenting in the kitchen quite a bit. I hate giving up the foods I love, so I've tweaked a lot of my favorites. Enjoy.

Cranberry - Apple Relish

2 cups Splenda
2 cups water
4 cups fresh or frozen cranberries
1 peeled, cored and finely chopped apple
1 tsp grated orange zest

In a large saucepan, over medium-high heat, bring Splenda
& water to a boil. Continue to boil for 5 minutes. Add cran-
berries and chopped apple; boil for 10 more minutes or until
cranberries pop and mixture begins to thicken. Remove from
heat and stir in orange zest. Cover and cool.
Yields 4 1/2 cups

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Spanking Buzz ?

Thinking back to when I came out of the spanking closet so to speak, I remember wondering if there was something wrong with me. Now that I've been an active member of the spanking community for about 3 years, it's an amusing thought. I also remember the nervousness and excitement moments before that first adult spanking.What if this has all just been a fascination with the idea ? My worries soon were replaced with my first "spanking buzz."
Once positioned across his lap, I looked over my shoulder at Tom and I asked this question; "How can you tell if your really into it ? " His answer; You either love it or you don't. Little did he know what spanking passions he was stirring up in that first meeting ! I fell in love with the sensations that a spanking can produce. Of course the playful or more sensual smacks are my favorites. However I have come to realize the discipline spankings provide a different type of secure and cared for feeling. I respect that not all who participate in spanking share a desire for discipline. It's not my place to say that your less of a spanko if you only like one kind of spanking. Just my opinion, but we are all in the same spanking boat-just some of us paddle differently ;) Some of us like fun & fruity alcohol while others prefer the hard stuff. A spanking buzz is much more healthy though...;)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Have you ever craved a spanking so badly that you could not focus on anything else ?
Much like my craving for chocolate or coffee, nothing else will satisfy that hunger. Laying down, imagining that your skin is making contact with a strong hand. Slowly your cheeks are a warm and blushing shade of pink. The sting is of the perfect intensity. Fingers cross lightly across your bottom. Goosebumps rise as you await more. He indulges your desire, just enough to leave you wanting more. Again you feel the heat beginning to build and you hear yourself whimper and then sigh as his hand travels across your stinging cheeks. Soothing yet teasing. Oh the bliss...
The things that go on in my lil' head....;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How about we just name this photo and update a combo. It's from the "Amber Archives" and was taken after a real discipline spanking. My bottom was the same color this past weekend and yes...it was for correction purposes. It had been quite some time since any type of accountability has taken place other than for video's. For awhile it did not bother me, but I have seen some changes about myself that I do not like. Now I know that as an adult, I have the power and choice to take care of myself and make positive choices, blah blah blah. I'm a true spanko and when I suddenly never know when to count on my bottom receiving a sound spanking ...well I went on a roller coaster with my behavior. Now don't get too excited, I didn't do anything terribly naughty, but the temptation was there, trust me. Knowing that I could do whatever & whenever without anyone caring either way, well why not ? But being the true spanko I am, I also felt neglected in a way. Someone caring enough to help me with problem areas, motivate me when I could care less etc. was hard to count on one day and then slowly it not be there at all. Several weeks ago, after a heart to heart talk, I admitted that the absence of discipline was bothering me . Tom, a.k.a. WP, agreed that this was something that had been lacking. Be careful what you ask for.
I was told that my earned spanking would take place on Saturday. I was nervous, a bit surprising to me, but I honestly had butterflies. The same feeling that I had when I was younger and agreed to ride the cliff hanger at Six Flags. I waited almost an hour in line, biting my thumb nail, partially grateful that the number of victims ahead of me seemed never ending. Then there was that other part of me that just wanted to get it over with already. When I awoke Saturday morning my first thought was; I need coffee. The second thought was; I'm getting spanked today, and it's not for fun or stress relief. No warm up. A few hours later I was lying on my tummy over two pillows. Even though this position is physically more comfy, it gives just as vulnerable a feeling for my bottom as any other. I was asked if I was ready. Now please tell me why the person wielding the implement asks that question. If I were to answer; "No give me half an hour and then maybe..." I don't think that would improve my predicament at all.
The first part of my punishment began with a leather strap and my jeans and panties ordered to be pulled down. I thought it in my best interest to comply. As soon as the first lick landed my feet betrayed me and up they came. It's a reflex reaction -honest. But I was told rather sternly to put them down. I only had to be told once. Luckily part of my spanking was done over my jeans but when it is wood or the lexan -it still hurts ! My bottom was plenty sore and even after the soreness had began to fade, there was a sting that lingered for hours. My bottom reminded every time I had to scoot to get out of the vehicle the rest of the day. Lesson learned...until next time. I don't make promises I can't keep. Now that's being a good girl isn't it ?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spanked In The Great Outdoors

Spanked in the Great Outdoors indeed !
Gee, I was just on the phone for a little bit, it's not like the housework was going anywhere. Besides, it would be more of an offense to let such a pretty day go to waste having to stay in don't you think ?
Once I heard the all too familiar sound of a belt coming off though, the outdoors had suddenly lost it's appeal. Amateur Spankings is determined to teach me another lesson...

Monday, September 29, 2008

I am still having the post party blues from Shadow Lane. I know, I should be over it by now. It's my blog so I'll whine if I want to. Seriously though, I had been in a little bit of a state of spanking blah's before the party and it was just what I needed. I always love reuniting with fellow spanker's and spankee's. It's like one big spanking reunion. I hated family reunion's when I was kid, maybe because of my true spankoness (yes there is such a word-cause I just made it up) this is a reunion that I can misbehave at, lol. It's also a treat to be spanked by new as well as past found spanko' friends. This picture is courtesy of Dallas. I think he was trying to make my bum match my shirt. I found the picture funny because I am giving him my "you just think you taught me a lesson " look. I had even told him that I'd already gotten a hard spanking with a "family strap" but that didn't get me off the hook obviously. Sabrina, thanks for at least atempting to convince him that I was undeserving of such a spanking, lol. The family strap deserves a post of it's own so be sure to check back for that one in the near future.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spanked.. Yet Again

I have once again been reminded the importance of keeping my blog updated. I will admit that I have been naughty in this area. Hopefully I will be forgiven. The photo's you see here are after a little warm up and then my baring my bottom for the real deal. The implements applied to my backside are from the handiwork of Ian of London Tanners. Owwwww Ian ! Certainly got my attention that's for sure.
I will be updateing all of you on my recent adventures at The Shadow Lane party in Vegas last month. My bottom stayed pink, and sometimes red the entire time. That's right, such a shock huh ?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Florida Moonshine Tropical Beach Party

I've finally rested up since my trip to Florida. The beach was awesome -just what I had imagined -only better. Too bad my bottom wasn't warmed on the white sand. We didn't want to cause a riot or scare any children. I managed to behave for that little window of time. But let me back up a bit...
Friday night was the vendor fair and I had a hard time deciding what to wear. I'm a female, we are supposed to do that aren't we ? I knew I would be bouncing between tables of Amateur Spankings & Tom's table of implements. So the schoolgirl outfit came out of the suitcase for that one. Lots of mingling , selling video's, and offering my bottom for implement demonstrations. Well I wasn't willingly volunteering every time...but I consented. I thought it was in my best interest. Ian, the leader of the pack as far as getting the whole event put together, stopped by our table to "say hello." As you can see in the photo, his way of saying hello to me was to spank me. I was being good. Honest. What an awesome party he throws !
Friday night after the vendor fair, we met up with some long time friends on My Spanking Forum as well as some new faces. One of them took spankings so well, made me sound like a banshee. I think we were both fascinated with how opposite we were and respected one another's reactions. Todd & Suzy were among the fun and Todd took a turn taking me over his knee. Thank you for the Margarita Suzy ! My throat sure was dry from all that yelping I was doing. A talented & well seasoned spanker for sure. Suzy got a taste of some of Tom's straps. She now knows why I am so squirmy ;)
Saturday: The first event was putting on a demonstration video. Roxi, Aurora & myself got into a bit of trouble from a night out on the town. So we bared our bums and Ian loaned Gary one of his straps. How thoughtful of him. So our spanking shame was filmed in front of a delightful audience and we enjoyed the session of questions that followed. After a dip in the beach and a banquet that evening we eventually made our way up to the suite parties. This is where I paid up on that long time owed spanking from a dear friend: Richard Windsor. He spanked me with gusto let me tell ya, lol. It was the kind of spanking that was just the right amount of intensity. the kind that makes you wiggle and I'm not quiet for this kind of spanking he found out. :) It was fun and longtime coming.
Sunday came all too soon and we left shortly after our late breakfast. I already miss my like minded friends and of course the beach.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Paddle Me Pink

I was wondering, which I do quite often, when it comes to spanking hues... what is your preferred shade ? I realize since I am asking both spankee's and spanker's alike that there might be a wide range of answers. Even better ! Myself-I love the bright shade of pink.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

By looking over to your left it is obvious that I love vintage spanking pics. This one is one of my all time fav's. The expressions are perfect. His is that of determination and her's is a combination of regret and sass. I relate to that expression well I must admit...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Amber's Archive

I've decided to share on occasion, photo's from days gone by . You'll never know whether it's my being caught misbehaving, receiving correction for naughtiness in general, my actually being good(yes it is possible) or random stills from my spanking's available on Amateur Spankings.like the one above. This is from my earlier days with the site but the spanking of course is still very memorable in my little head !

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I promised to share more adventures from our trip to San Antonio for the TASSP and I haven't forgotten.
One of the things I love about getting out of town is the chance for a change of scenery and of course the opportunity to leave a little bit of "Amber Mischief" wherever I go. It just wouldn't be Texan to not share something of myself now would it ? This picture was taken right outside of The Alamo. the cowboy hat was borrowed, well okay I'll confess...I swiped it from a great pal, Rich. He was such a good sport about letting me use his hat for a moment. This was also taken just moments before my small time crime of sitting in the window, lol.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When you least expect it ....continued

After a few light swats, I was thinking to myself; This isn't so bad, it's better than the bigger Lexan he bought last year. How I hate that thing, it was certainly meant for punishment , at least as far as I'm concerned.
Those little light swats began to become more intense and fast. It wasn't long before I was squirming and my bottom began to feel the heat. I was wearing a comfy jersey style t-shirt and my new strawberry panties. I'm like a child in a candy store when it comes to panties. I saw those and thought how cute and spankable those are ! Anyway...back to the Lexan. I'm not completely still once a spanking becomes serious or has the tone of You're in trouble.

The swats suddenly moved into high gear. "Rapid Fire" as I call it can always make me do the spanking dance. I become very audible and staying in position at that point is almost impossible. Right when I thought my bottom would catch fire and my hands couldn't stop sneaking a quick rub to relieve the sting...the paddle was laid to rest next to me. I was then asked; "Do you feel better ?" I think I sort of mumbled or sighed. I did say yes , that's for sure.

Monday, April 21, 2008

When you least expect it....

I know I promised more posts about the TASSP in San Antonio and I intend to keep that promise. However, I simply must share a "surprise" from this weekend. It could or could not be considered a good one on my bum's behalf.
I was actually being good(yes that is possible) when the surprise came about. While lying across the bed on my tummy and setting the alarm, I hear a movement behind me. As I look over my shoulder, Tom has retrieved a paddle from his bag. This is no surprise, but when he pulled the paddle out from it's protective cover, I couldn't help but notice it was not one of his own handmade wooden paddles. It was a Lexan paddle ! For those of you who do not know what Lexan is, it is a polycarbonate plastic . In other words, or should I say "Amber's words" it is an evil plastic paddle.
I asked him where he got it and he wickedly replied; "On E bay." Tops can be so sneaky ! For those who have met me in person, I tend to be animated in my reactions and do so without even being aware . My eyes and body language can sometimes tell more than words can. My bottom automatically began to inch away from reach and setting the alarm became very hard to focus on at that moment. He reached over and lifted my T-shirt and I in turn asked an innocent but dumb question. "What are you doing ?" The only answer I was given was instructions to arch my bottom. I am submissive even though I will at times try to weasel out of a not so fun spanking.
He started lightly thank goodness, but out of habit I was already feeling butterflies and waiting for that very first hard swat. My eyes were already shut tight and my whole body was tense. I used to think I was a big baby for doing that, but have finally accepted that for many that is normal and worrying about appearing brave is no longer my main priority. This is apparent in several of my spankings caught on video. More to come on my session with the Lexan...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spanked At The Alamo ..Believe it or not !

Only I could get myself in trouble taking a photo at the Alamo. It really wasn't my idea. I was just doing as I was told. I was trying to get into a sassy pose when the cop interrupted by blowing his whistle at me, not once but twice mind you. I honestly meant no disrespect or harm. I am a proud Texan after all. I obediently(yes I am capable of obeying-especially loud whistles blown by stern cops)removed my behind from the window. Oddly the ones who had helped perch me in the window (I couldn't reach)did not come to my defense and found my predicament very amusing. Funny how that happens.

As if the rule enforcing officer wasn't enough of a warning ...I got spanked right across the street in front of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not sign !

It was a fun one I must say given by a good friend; Richard from The House of Richard Windsor http://spankingbrats.blogspot.com/.
He has some very funny pics at his blog as well.
We had some very curious onlookers that's for sure. At least I was among very good company. Todd & Suzy of American Spanking Society put up an excellent picture of the "Whistling Cop" and yet another mini spanking in front of the cute little shark VW. by BV a.k.a. Dave007 You can find them at http://asssociety.blogspot.com/.

The Alamo adventure would not have been the same without them. What an awesome and fun couple to hang out with ! They were very gracious and toted my naughty little bottom in their car for the "field trips." What a great opportunity that was to get to know them. Suzy and I hit it off splendidly-she is full of mischief and I always seem to have an abundance of that going on :) Todd is very witty and smart and quite Toppy as well. Tom and I both are grateful to have met them.
Stay tuned....my San Antonio adventures have just begun.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Naughty Blogger

It has been brought to my attention that I have been a very naughty blogger. Who me ? I will have to admit I have been a tiny bit naughty about keeping my blog up to date. Well okay...a lot naughty. But shhhh. don't tell. lol
I promise to do better. The famous words and pleas of a spankee ;) My next blog post will be within the week and will have lots of photo's and juicy spanking gossip from my recent trip to San Antonio this past weekend. In fact I have enough photo's to cover several posts.
Other than spanking being a motivation and incentive for me to be a "better blogger" feedback is always good too folks. I don't think I'm alone in saying what blogger doesn't like feedback ? For those of you who have taken the time to comment-thank you from the heart of my bottom. For those who have consistently checked out my blog and been disappointed to not see anything new -my sincere apologies. Don't be shy, I value what my blog friends think.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Amber spanked again ?

This is my most recent spanking that can be viewed at www.amateurspankings.com

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Wishes from Lil' Ol 'Me

Happy Valentine's Day from the heart of my bottom !

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spanking the stress away...

Life just gets so hectic at times and well..that can cause crankiness.I know I've been pretty restless and feeling overwhelmed a lot lately.Tom must have picked up on that or read my thread on www.myspankingforum.com and decided to provide me with some "spanking therapy" so to speak. Now this type of spanking is rather intense. It is a completely different tone of course than the discipline spanking yet it can eventually reduce me to tears. I know tears aren't for everyone but when I'm overly stressed...it's a calm after the storm feeling. It is certainly more painful than a "just for fun" or "just because" spanking. When the spanking began I thought it was going to be a just because...That's what I get for thinking ! When the spanking became intense and my hand was held behind my back I began asking in between yelps,"What is this for ?" Not until my bottom had begun to
burn and the implements you see in the pic had all had a turn, was my question answered."It's for stress."

Monday, January 21, 2008

Why do we crave spanking ?

Well lately I've been asked on several occasions about my interests in spanking and what makes me want it. I could just say "I dunno" lol, but that might get me in trouble. So I had to do some digging for this photo. This was a pic taken from the very first video I did with www.amateurspankings.com
It was my interview spanking and still a very vivid memory in my little head. I was soooooooo nervous but the rush I had just talking about spanking and then the excitement as I felt the first smack on my bottom....well I guess it's obvious I kept coming back for more ;) Now my spanking roots go way back. But it wasn't until I was an adult that I began to crave it. I'm so glad I followed through with my hearts desire. Or should I say my bottom's.....