Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Spanking Buzz ?

Thinking back to when I came out of the spanking closet so to speak, I remember wondering if there was something wrong with me. Now that I've been an active member of the spanking community for about 3 years, it's an amusing thought. I also remember the nervousness and excitement moments before that first adult spanking.What if this has all just been a fascination with the idea ? My worries soon were replaced with my first "spanking buzz."
Once positioned across his lap, I looked over my shoulder at Tom and I asked this question; "How can you tell if your really into it ? " His answer; You either love it or you don't. Little did he know what spanking passions he was stirring up in that first meeting ! I fell in love with the sensations that a spanking can produce. Of course the playful or more sensual smacks are my favorites. However I have come to realize the discipline spankings provide a different type of secure and cared for feeling. I respect that not all who participate in spanking share a desire for discipline. It's not my place to say that your less of a spanko if you only like one kind of spanking. Just my opinion, but we are all in the same spanking boat-just some of us paddle differently ;) Some of us like fun & fruity alcohol while others prefer the hard stuff. A spanking buzz is much more healthy though...;)