Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hairbrushes- Love em' or Hate em' ?

Hmmmmmmmm.....Let me think about that for a moment. Yeah right, like that's necessary ! Brushes are for grooming and making your hair pretty. Whomever came up with the bright idea of using them as an implement for spanking , well they need a spanking for letting that idea be carried out in the first place. Of course this is a personal opinion from a bottom who has experienced the hairbrush on more than one occasion. I have yet to feel one smack on my bottom from one that I have just fallen in love with. Imagine my eyes rolling now if you would. I especially hate the bathbrush. It can reduce me to tears as quickly or maybe even quicker than a school paddle or belt. Even if some of the tougher bottoms out there were to call me a wimp on this one I'd take the teasing and gladly let them stand in for my next appointment with a hairbrush. So, you all know how I like to ask questions. This one is for bottoms and tops. Bottoms; How does a hairbrush rate on your list of most feared implements ? Spankers' ; How effective is the hairbrush in your opinion ?