Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to the Weekend ..I think

TGIF can be over rated if you've not been exactly "well behaved."
I promised to share my thoughts about any upcoming spankings in my near future and I'm a firm believer in keeping promises. From others looking in, I would expect them to say things like "If you truly dread a discipline spanking, than why do you not do whats needed to prevent it ? Wouldn't it be nice if life were that simple ? I didn't get a ticket or anything like that, but I didn't hold up to the agreed list in my journal. There were days that I didn't even make an entry. Yikes. I know, not very smart. I'm not one to deliberately break a rule or bait my top to spank me for discipline. Thats just not me. For fun and play well...that's another story I'm nervous about this because it's usually a no nonsense approach when it comes to things on my list pertaining to taking care of myself responsibly. I'd be lying to say that I'm not deserving. Part of me is just ready to have it over with , yet another part of me gets those little butterflies just thinking about it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hairbrush Dilema

I went on a mission of finding a hairbrush today. It wasn't really for my as you have probably already guessed. ;)

I strolled slowly through 4 different antique stores and came up with zilch. Nada. I don't want just any random brush-I want a unique, pretty and antique one. Something pretty enough to leave out on my vanity. I couldn't believe I didn't find a single brush ! Which makes me wonder ...Are the spanko's in my town unaware ? Did they hog all of the brushes ?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Punishment Begins

A Spanking Story: Category -D/D Author-Me

Sara folded the last bit of laundry and carried the basket to their bedroom. As she put the clothes away she noticed herself becoming more and more nervous . Any minute her husband would be pulling into the driveway. She was not afraid of Kevin, just nervously anticipating the punishment she would be receiving from him that evening.
It was an agreement in the very beginning of their relationship that he had full authority as head of the house. Discipline was a big part of this agreement. He promised to always be fair and she would always know before hand what her punishment would be.
She knew this night would perhaps be the most severe punishment Kevin had ever dealt her. When he had spoken with her on the phone earlier he was calm yet stern. But it was the disappointment in his voice that bothered her the most. Not only had she broken her promise to stop smoking, she had been deceitful on more than one occasion in order to hide it.
She was putting the last of the clean towels in the bathroom when she heard the key in the front door. It was then she felt that familiar flutter in her stomach. She knew she deserved a spanking, needed it even, but she always dreaded the part before: the talk.
That morning, like every other morning, Sarah kissed Kevin goodbye and waved as he left for work. She fixed another cup of coffee and sat down to make a grocery list. Afterward, she put the list in her purse and headed upstairs to take a shower. Just as she reached the top of the stairs, the doorbell rang. Pulling her robe more snugly around her and tying the belt as she went back down the stairs, the doorbell rang again. This was her warning once it had rang a second time in less than a minute. She knew it was her only neighbor. Just how I wanted to start my morning, she thought to herself.
She opened the door halfway and greeted Ms. Draper with as much warmth and kindness as she could muster, which ended up being a fake smile and a quick "Good morning Ms. Draper." Sara was greeted in return with a hasty " It most definitely is not a good morning when I arose to find my trash can knocked over and trash all over my yard. This is the second time this week I might add ! The only way that could have happened" she snipped, was that you & Kevin must have let that dog of yours run around loose again ! "
Sara apologized to Ms. Draper's back as the little old lady shuffled her way off the porch. She remembered Kevin calling for Chelsea last night then locking the back gate. Apparently mans best friend had outsmarted them again. Sara walked to the back door and called Chelsea, knowing she was silly for hoping their dog would obediently come running from somewhere in the backyard. She found her house shoes and stepped out onto the patio. Before finally hearing the playful barks and pawing at the back gate, Sara saw the hole that was dug under a broken part of the fence. Of course it just had to be the side leading to Ms. Draper's driveway. Yet another project to add to her chores for the day.
She put Chelsea on the chain and went to get dressed. She was trying to push the urge for a cigarette out of her head but she found herself giving in. As soon as the image of her husband taking the hairbrush off the dresser came into her head she immediately thought: I just will finish this pack and be done with it. I'm doing laundry later anyway, Kevin won't be able to smell it if I smoke one outside.
She reached under the lounge chair cushion and took the pack of cigarettes out. As soon as she opened it she noticed the little rolled up piece of paper and felt a sudden sickening feeling. When she began to unroll it, she recognized it immediately. It was a piece of stationary from Kevin's desk. She had been caught ! Worse, she had no idea how long he had known before he chose to confront her. She opened it the rest of the way and read;
Call me at work immediately.
Suddenly, she had lost her urge for a cigarette. She took the pack inside along with the note and laid them on the counter. Nervously, she picked up the phone and dialed her husbands office. When he answered she quietly stammered:
" Hi babe, it's me."
Kevin had an idea what she was calling about. He could hear the nervousness in her voice. She always talked quietly and with hesitation when she knew she was in trouble. Although at the moment he was beyond disappointed with her, he still found this meekness about her cute and desirable. Yet he knew he had to put these feelings aside until after he punished her.
He patiently waited for her to speak again. Very softly, she stammered.
" I um, I found your note."
Another minute of silence and a deep breath, he listened.
" I know what has to happen...... I am very sorry Kevin. "
He told her that she was correct, although he wanted to make sure that she wasn't just sorry that she had been caught.
He knew a part of her punishment would be the waiting. It wasn't even noon yet. "We will address this later when I get home. "
He heard a long sigh, then a barely audible "yes sir."
He never had to remind her to answer respectfully when she was about to be disciplined. Sarah was reared by a strict father and it was an automatic reaction for her. He wondered what got into her at times that she would behave like this knowing the consequences. This time he realized of course, she thought she had gotten by with it.This was unlike her to be sneaky and it hurt him that she hid something from him. He instructed her to not throw the cigarettes away and that she was not to leave the house for anything other than going to the grocery store.
She went about the rest of her day feeling anxious and frustrated. Even though she dreaded the process of a discipline spanking, she always felt better afterward. At least inside anyway. She just wanted to get it over with. The more time that went by, the more guilty and stupid Sarah felt. I know it's a disgusting and unhealthy habit, why do I feel like I have to have it to calm down ? she thought to herself.
She had already made dinner and covered it. She was pretty sure she wasn't going to be eating much of it. At least not for awhile. She walked down the stairs and waited as he opened the front door. They made eye contact only for a moment before she looked down.
"Go get the cigarettes and wait in the bedroom."
She felt her stomach do a flip as she reached the top of the stairs. She sat on their bed and waited. When she heard his footsteps on the stairs she felt that nervous flutter she always had right before she was to be spanked. He walked into the room and laid the paddle on the bed before sitting down next to her. "Sarah, you know how much I love you don't you ?"
She was surprised that this was the first thing he chose to say to her. After all, she had broken a promise, did something she knew was not acceptable and did it behind his back. Worse, she did it more than once.
"Yes, I know that you love me very much."
"I want to do anything and everything to protect you Sarah.You make that very difficult to do when you choose to smoke. You know it's unhealthy. "
She knew she didn't have even one tiny shred of defense. So she just meekly answered " I know."
He stood up and continued with " What is even more disappointing is that you deliberately chose to continue this disgusting habit despite the fact that we have already discussed it once. You did it behind my back. "
He watched her face to see if his words were having the effect he had hoped for. She had began fidgeting and focused her eyes to her lap.
" Sarah, look at me."
Eyes already brimming with tears she looked up to him.
" I had hoped that the spanking I gave you the first time would deter you from any more urges to smoke. Apparently it wasn't thorough enough or is it that you just don't have any respect for me ?"
She continued looking up at him, trying so hard to not let the tears come.
"Keven please don't think that I don't have any respect for you. I don't know why I let things bother me so much that I feel I need a cigarette. I feel really stupid and bad that I did. I'm so sorry that I broke my promise to not ever do it again. I do want to stop..."
She looked back down and continued fidgeting with her hands.
" I want to believe that hon, I really do, but that will depend on if I find another pack of cigarettes anywhere. You realize that your spanking will be more severe this time don't you ? "
She answered with a barely audible "yes sir."
He pulled her vanity chair out into the middle of the floor.
"Come lay over my lap."
Sara did as she was told, knowing this would be the easy part, just a warm up for what was still to come. After placing his hand firmly at the small of her back, he began spanking her with his hand very firm and swift until he felt her began to squirm slightly. He alternated the last few swats on her cheeks harder and more rapidly.
"Now stand up and pull down your jeans and panties."
Sara slowly rose and began to unbutton her jeans. She laid her jeans and panties on the floor next to the bed and waited. She grew more anxious as she wondered what he had in store for her next.
"How many have you smoked since our discussion ?"
She looked down nervously. She knew any further dishonesty would be asking for more trouble, so in a small and timid voice she answered.
He picked up the cigarettes and tossed them on the bed.
"Thank you for being honest. I counted them. Now, pick up the paddle and hand it to me."
He knew she found this difficult, but wanted to make sure the message was more clear this time. After he had the paddle in hand, he told her to lie down over the side of the bed and to keep her bottom up. After she was bent over the pillows feeling quite small and helpless, she drew in a long breath and tried to prepare herself for what she knew was going to hurt like hell and then some.
" You are getting fifteen swats with the paddle, three for each one that you smoked after we agreed and you promised that you wouldn't. If you get out of position or rub your bottom without permission you can expect 3 more swats. Do you understand ? "
He heard a long sigh followed by "yes sir".
"Then you will be punished for hiding it from me. Had you have told me that you did not feel as if you could control the urge on your own, I would have helped motivate you in other ways. I want you to learn that being deceitful only gets in you into more trouble."
He began by rubbing the paddle lightly across her bottom.
"I want you to count each one."
She closed her eyes. How she hated counting.
SMACK ... "One"
SMACK ... "Two"
SMACK... ".....Three"
SMACK..." Oww..Four"
She wasn't sure how much longer she could control herself. When he used the paddle with the holes it felt as if her bottom would just light up on fire after every swat.
" Keep your bottom up and count to where I can hear you."
She shifted slightly over the bed so that she could stick her bottom out more easily. Again she felt the paddle rubbing lightly. As she felt it lift away she squeezed her eyes shut tightly, waiting to feel it make contact again. SMACK......... She couldn't seem to find her voice, she was trying so hard to hold back.
"Five" came out as a whimper.
" I can't hear you Sara. Let's do that one again."
She knew being spanked would help her in more ways then one, but at the moment all she could think about was how badly she wanted to rub her behind. SMACK!...."... Five"
She could no longer hold back the tears. She sniffled and quickly wiped her eyes. Kevin never understood her need to try to be tough while being disciplined. He didn't mind the natural show of emotion as she took her punishment. The first time he thought maybe it was stubbornness or a battle of the wills. But afterward her meekness and the waterfall of tears made him think otherwise. She wasn't being stubborn. It was as if she was afraid to let him see her breakdown. He, on the other hand welcomed her cries. It helped him determine how severe or how mild he should continue with. He placed his hand on the small of her back again and drew back the paddle, This time bringing it down hard just below her cheeks at the top of her thighs.
SMACK..."OW WWW........Six"
SMACK..."Ooh... Owwwww...Eighhhht"
SMACK...a sniffle came before her "...Nine"
SMACK...she grabbed the comforter pulling it towards her before letting out "...Ten" followed by a soft sob.
"You may rub it for a minute."
She now could care less about dignity or being tough at the moment. Gratefully, she reached back and rubbed her stinging bottom. Kevin gave her a moment to prepare herself for the remainder of her punishment. He wanted to make this spanking really count.
"Get back into position."
She placed her hands in front of her and waited.
"Stick your bottom up more and remember to count."
There was a long pause after he rubbed her already stinging bottom with the end of the paddle. He came down harder than the first ten swats.
SMACK ! she winced and through gritted teeth whimpered; "....Eleven"
She put her face, which was now streaked with tears face down onto the comforter and took a deep breath.
SMACK ! She clenched the comforter again and could not hold it in any longer. She cried freely. "....Ohhhhh!....Twelllvvve"
Sara was sobbing now. "Kevin hurts."
He took a deep breath. Stay firm he told himself. This is what will keep her from being tempted to light up again.
"I know it hurts hon, but you chose to ignore our agreement. Lets get this part over with."
She sniffled and stuck out her bottom.
SMACK ..."Ooh...Thir...Thir...teen"
SMACK... "Owwww...Four...Fourteen"
She was trying not to squirm but her bottom was stinging so much. She knew she had to be still to avoid extra swats.
SMACK!!! ....
She was sobbing loudly now. " ......Fif..teen"
He laid the paddle on the bed and sat down beside her. "Sara, look at me. " She turned her head and wiped her eyes. He rubbed her back gently and stroked her hair. "You took that pretty well. I hope that this will discourage you from picking up another cigarette."
She could only manage a nod along with a sniffle.
"You know that being deceitful about it was just as wrong as doing it don't you ?" Sara replied softly "yes sir" wondering what he had in mind as the remainder of her punishment. He gave her a few moments to calm down before standing again.
Slowly he began unbuckling his belt. She began to whimper and felt so stupid for having done any of this to begin with.
"Stick out your bottom. You don't have to count, but I do expect you stay in position."
He noticed her trembling as she obeyed and knew she dreaded the belt more than any other implement. She didn't try to plead with him, which made him respect her more despite the behavior he was having to correct. The first two swats landed right in the center of her bottom. She gasped and closed her eyes. He applied two hard swats rapidly just below her cheeks.She began to cry out loud again, Kevin brought down the belt one more time before laying it on the chair by the dresser. He sat on the bed beside her and gently pulled her hair back from her face. Her sobs had softened into sniffles and sighs as he caressed her back and told her how proud of her he was for taking her punishment bravely.
"I'm so sorry that I broke my promise......and for hiding it from you. Really Kevin, I am sorry. Do you forgive me ?"
She wiped her tears again.
"All is forgiven Sarah." She took one more deep breath allowing the feeling of relief wash over her. She felt thoroughly chastised and completely cherished.