Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Texas All State Spanking Party is approaching and I have decided to add my own line of implements to the vendor fair. They are available to purchase at
The name for my paddles seemed fitting. Not that I'm admitting that I am sassy or anything...
Anyway, the image above is one of many that will be making their first appearance at the party/vendor fair. Several styles are already available as well as more that are in the works.
* The Peace Maker
* Talk To The Hand
* Sassy Pants
* Paddled In Paris
These are just naming a few. Don't worry guys & gents- I did not make them all girlie. In fact I have a football themed one in the works. Do youhave a favorite sports team, a special occasion or the desire to give that someone special a unique and personable gift ? Custom Requests will be available as well. If anyone has any questions and/or interest, you may contact me by email. Hope you will take a minute to check them out. Decorating and spanking are both favorite hobbies of mine, thus the idea popped into my lil' ol' head. Maybe keeping busy with this added hobby will keep me out of trouble. Or not. But it will be fun either way !
Looking forward to seeing my many friends in the scene this coming weekend.