Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spanking the stress away...

Life just gets so hectic at times and well..that can cause crankiness.I know I've been pretty restless and feeling overwhelmed a lot lately.Tom must have picked up on that or read my thread on and decided to provide me with some "spanking therapy" so to speak. Now this type of spanking is rather intense. It is a completely different tone of course than the discipline spanking yet it can eventually reduce me to tears. I know tears aren't for everyone but when I'm overly's a calm after the storm feeling. It is certainly more painful than a "just for fun" or "just because" spanking. When the spanking began I thought it was going to be a just because...That's what I get for thinking ! When the spanking became intense and my hand was held behind my back I began asking in between yelps,"What is this for ?" Not until my bottom had begun to
burn and the implements you see in the pic had all had a turn, was my question answered."It's for stress."