Thursday, October 23, 2008

How about we just name this photo and update a combo. It's from the "Amber Archives" and was taken after a real discipline spanking. My bottom was the same color this past weekend and was for correction purposes. It had been quite some time since any type of accountability has taken place other than for video's. For awhile it did not bother me, but I have seen some changes about myself that I do not like. Now I know that as an adult, I have the power and choice to take care of myself and make positive choices, blah blah blah. I'm a true spanko and when I suddenly never know when to count on my bottom receiving a sound spanking ...well I went on a roller coaster with my behavior. Now don't get too excited, I didn't do anything terribly naughty, but the temptation was there, trust me. Knowing that I could do whatever & whenever without anyone caring either way, well why not ? But being the true spanko I am, I also felt neglected in a way. Someone caring enough to help me with problem areas, motivate me when I could care less etc. was hard to count on one day and then slowly it not be there at all. Several weeks ago, after a heart to heart talk, I admitted that the absence of discipline was bothering me . Tom, a.k.a. WP, agreed that this was something that had been lacking. Be careful what you ask for.
I was told that my earned spanking would take place on Saturday. I was nervous, a bit surprising to me, but I honestly had butterflies. The same feeling that I had when I was younger and agreed to ride the cliff hanger at Six Flags. I waited almost an hour in line, biting my thumb nail, partially grateful that the number of victims ahead of me seemed never ending. Then there was that other part of me that just wanted to get it over with already. When I awoke Saturday morning my first thought was; I need coffee. The second thought was; I'm getting spanked today, and it's not for fun or stress relief. No warm up. A few hours later I was lying on my tummy over two pillows. Even though this position is physically more comfy, it gives just as vulnerable a feeling for my bottom as any other. I was asked if I was ready. Now please tell me why the person wielding the implement asks that question. If I were to answer; "No give me half an hour and then maybe..." I don't think that would improve my predicament at all.
The first part of my punishment began with a leather strap and my jeans and panties ordered to be pulled down. I thought it in my best interest to comply. As soon as the first lick landed my feet betrayed me and up they came. It's a reflex reaction -honest. But I was told rather sternly to put them down. I only had to be told once. Luckily part of my spanking was done over my jeans but when it is wood or the lexan -it still hurts ! My bottom was plenty sore and even after the soreness had began to fade, there was a sting that lingered for hours. My bottom reminded every time I had to scoot to get out of the vehicle the rest of the day. Lesson learned...until next time. I don't make promises I can't keep. Now that's being a good girl isn't it ?