Monday, February 16, 2009

Amber's Archives

Now I know it must appear to you that I am bored. Pictures can be misleading I assure you. Many of my past pic's amuse me, or disgust me. I'm female, I'm allowed to be self critical. For those who have met me, especially those that have witnessed in person or watched clips of my being spanked probably can see that I am actually nervously awaiting my punishment here. The clue is that I fidget, sometimes more than others. It depends on my mood or how severe the punishment that awaits me. I have always had this habit of fidgeting before speaking or singing in front of even a small crowd of people. To be spanked adds a whole new twist ! That's a pretty vulnerable state to know that others are seeing your every move, sound, expression, sizing you up or down, judging your reactions and measuring your "toughness" or lack of. I'm not sure what category I fall in in many of these areas. My way of handling my jitters-fidget. Something has to be moving. The other resolve is to just be myself. I know me well enough that if I tried to appear calm and non chalant -I would look ridiculous . My dignity is already at stake when my bottom is in the air anyway, lol. Might as well just "go with it" the best I can.