Friday, January 2, 2009

New Video

Amber's latest video is now available at This particular video was shot in the great out doors, and even though I was not the one giving the spankings this time, I did take care of running the camera and other "behind the scenes" stuff. In this video, Amber and fellow brat, Skylar find themselves in trouble for causing a scene in public. It all started when Skylar decided it would be OK to take one of Amber's shirts and wear it without permission. Amber, of course, took exception to this and was not happy when she went to retrieve the shirt in question to wear herself. Sure that Skylar is the guilty party, Amber sets out to find her and confront her about what she has done. When Amber finally catches up with Skylar, in a public park no less, tempers flare and a heated exchange takes place. The girls soon end up in a scuffle followed by a reckless chase down the park's walking trail. Unfortunately for them, they run right into Gary, who is appalled by the girls behavior. Since the two were obviously not able to resolve the issue between themselves, Gary takes matters into his own hands. Both Girls are made to lower their jeans, bend over and take a belt spanking right in the middle of the park where anyone could have seen what was taking place. The park was particullary busy that day and we did have a few close calls while shooting this, but we hung in there and got it done.
Side note: During the chase scene, Amber turned her ankle which took several days to heal. So, lets not have Amber's ankle injury be in vain.....Head over to: and watch for yourself.