Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spanked At The Alamo ..Believe it or not !

Only I could get myself in trouble taking a photo at the Alamo. It really wasn't my idea. I was just doing as I was told. I was trying to get into a sassy pose when the cop interrupted by blowing his whistle at me, not once but twice mind you. I honestly meant no disrespect or harm. I am a proud Texan after all. I obediently(yes I am capable of obeying-especially loud whistles blown by stern cops)removed my behind from the window. Oddly the ones who had helped perch me in the window (I couldn't reach)did not come to my defense and found my predicament very amusing. Funny how that happens.

As if the rule enforcing officer wasn't enough of a warning ...I got spanked right across the street in front of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not sign !

It was a fun one I must say given by a good friend; Richard from The House of Richard Windsor http://spankingbrats.blogspot.com/.
He has some very funny pics at his blog as well.
We had some very curious onlookers that's for sure. At least I was among very good company. Todd & Suzy of American Spanking Society put up an excellent picture of the "Whistling Cop" and yet another mini spanking in front of the cute little shark VW. by BV a.k.a. Dave007 You can find them at http://asssociety.blogspot.com/.

The Alamo adventure would not have been the same without them. What an awesome and fun couple to hang out with ! They were very gracious and toted my naughty little bottom in their car for the "field trips." What a great opportunity that was to get to know them. Suzy and I hit it off splendidly-she is full of mischief and I always seem to have an abundance of that going on :) Todd is very witty and smart and quite Toppy as well. Tom and I both are grateful to have met them.
Stay tuned....my San Antonio adventures have just begun.


dixiedarling said...

Excellent start to your San Antonio escapades posts....

It was great seeing you again even if i did almost unleash the meaner side of Amber ~whistles innocently~

Richard Windsor said...

Now doesn't it feel good to be behaving like a good girl for once? Great to see you posting about your trip and I look forward to keeping up to date with it.

Just so that you know, I am free on Thursday but not Friday. If that is too soon for us to work on your site then I will also be free on Saturday and Sunday to get that done. Just let me know what is good for you, even if it is next week. I also have something I want to talk to you about that could work for all 3 of us.


Anonymous said...

Love the Ripley's photo! We stole it and used it on our blog as an update. Can see the bulging eyes perfectly, which was the cherry on top of a wonderful picture.

As for blaming others for your naughtiness... tsk-tsk young lady. Perhaps Richard should have made that a bare bottom spanking. lol, of course those bulging eyes might have fallen out had that happened!

Todd & Suzy

ZED & ginger said...

he he - you got in trouble!


Richard Windsor said...

Hee hee hee, Amber got caught being naughty :-)

I still think it is an awesome scene for her to film, a real life spanking for being a bad girl.