Monday, April 21, 2008

When you least expect it....

I know I promised more posts about the TASSP in San Antonio and I intend to keep that promise. However, I simply must share a "surprise" from this weekend. It could or could not be considered a good one on my bum's behalf.
I was actually being good(yes that is possible) when the surprise came about. While lying across the bed on my tummy and setting the alarm, I hear a movement behind me. As I look over my shoulder, Tom has retrieved a paddle from his bag. This is no surprise, but when he pulled the paddle out from it's protective cover, I couldn't help but notice it was not one of his own handmade wooden paddles. It was a Lexan paddle ! For those of you who do not know what Lexan is, it is a polycarbonate plastic . In other words, or should I say "Amber's words" it is an evil plastic paddle.
I asked him where he got it and he wickedly replied; "On E bay." Tops can be so sneaky ! For those who have met me in person, I tend to be animated in my reactions and do so without even being aware . My eyes and body language can sometimes tell more than words can. My bottom automatically began to inch away from reach and setting the alarm became very hard to focus on at that moment. He reached over and lifted my T-shirt and I in turn asked an innocent but dumb question. "What are you doing ?" The only answer I was given was instructions to arch my bottom. I am submissive even though I will at times try to weasel out of a not so fun spanking.
He started lightly thank goodness, but out of habit I was already feeling butterflies and waiting for that very first hard swat. My eyes were already shut tight and my whole body was tense. I used to think I was a big baby for doing that, but have finally accepted that for many that is normal and worrying about appearing brave is no longer my main priority. This is apparent in several of my spankings caught on video. More to come on my session with the Lexan...


Anonymous said...

Ebay... a spankers best friend. Well, that or Lexan. Can't blame you for being a little less than brave when you're surprised by a new implement.

Nice post... and just in the nick of time too. ;)

Todd (and Suzy)

ZED & ginger said...

Now that was BAD to stop there.

We have a lexan paddle and I don't find it as horrible as many seem to. It's not pleasant, BUT we have much worse implements. Lexan creates a sting I can tolerate.