Monday, May 12, 2008

Amber's Archive

I've decided to share on occasion, photo's from days gone by . You'll never know whether it's my being caught misbehaving, receiving correction for naughtiness in general, my actually being good(yes it is possible) or random stills from my spanking's available on Amateur the one above. This is from my earlier days with the site but the spanking of course is still very memorable in my little head !


Richard Windsor said...

Now THAT is exactly what you need!! There will be a message for YOU as well on my audio update tonight, young lady!!

tinaslut said...

What a great, exciting blog you have! I just started out in blogosphere myself so I have a lot to learn. But with some discipline/self-discipline I guess it will be all right... ;-)
Best wishes from Sweden,

Anonymous said...

i like your blog