Monday, August 20, 2007

Ruh Roh !

This was not a rare spanking, more like well done. My bottom was cookin' when all was said and done. I'll admit I earned it. I had been doing so good as far as bad habits were concerned and temptation took over during a stressful week. Giving into temptation that leads to an unhealthy habit comes with a bottom paid dearly.


ZED & ginger said...

I think we've got the exact same strap that is shown here. Ouch indeed! Sending encouragement your way - I know how easy it can be to get sidetracked when you kinda have a 'fuck it' week.


Anonymous said...
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Wood Paddles said...

Hey Lance, great to hear from you. I did notice that my paddle had appeared in the lastest SL videos. Amber and I will be at the party again this year and I will be selling my paddles again, along with a couple of new products....the small leather strap similar to the one across Amber's bottom in the pic and I longer version. I introduced them at the Texas All State Spanking Party back in March with rave reviews.....the girls REALLY seem to like the small strap. Look forward to seeing you in Vegas.

Beginning with "B" said...

That's the cutest photo of a "strapped" bottom I've ever seen!


There is a red heart
there for sure!

and happy spanks,

xx,b. ~~bottomsUp!

Dave said...

I really dig this photo, unique angle with a deliciouslsy toasty tushy on view -- and a mean looking strap.