Thursday, April 16, 2009


No it's not my behavior that is under construction. That goes without saying at this time don't you think ? Modifying my behavior is an around the clock and neverending job. For some reason what I see as pefectly innocent fun is construed as misbehaving to some.

Anyway... I've finally took the plunge and have begun moving my Amber's Spanking Journey blog to a new page. It's still lil' ol' me people, just a new title and a "facelift on my page" so to speak. You can be sure that I'll alway's be journaling about spankings and such, just be patient please. We all know moving is a pain in the butt. Not the same benifits as a warm and rosy glow type of pain. I'd rather be spanked than move. I absolutely hate to move. The process of a spanking may be painful but not near as tedious and time consuming as moving. Consider it spring cleaning and the need to clear up some confusion. I'm not understanding why it is still confusing to some that I'm the petite brunette " lil Amber" and not the tall redheaded one. I've had spanking _amber as my email for 4 years. I've been "spanked~amber" or "spanking~amber" etc on forums since my face and butt appeared on Amateur Spankings at least 3 years ago. That's not the inspiration for my moving-but it would be nice to have that little problem clear up as an added bonus anyway. Not that I wouldn't mind growing a few inches and my hair being long again, but I have grown tired of suddenly explaining my identity among the spanking community. I'll be adding new posts and pictures etc. Hope you enjoy the new look and will be sure to check back often.