Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spankings From The Past

One of the first questions I am normally asked is:
"Were you spanked growing up ?"

Yes, and as far back as I can remember really. The first memorable spanking for me was around the age of 4. I was told to go wash my hands for supper. I skipped towards the bathroom.Honestly I had the intentions of obeying. Time isn't the same when you're little, right ?
I was fascinated at how slippery I could make the bar of soap and well...I was having a really good time. That is until I saw my mother standing in the doorway with a wooden spoon. There I was, on tiptoe, with the faucet on full blast and soap and water dripping from my elbows.
She was not one bit amused. Suddenly it was no longer fascinating to me, and the immediate feelings of butterflies began to churn in my tummy. She grabbed my arm while putting down the lid on the toilet, bent me over it and proceeded to smack my backside and legs with that evil spoon. I was crying in probably less than two seconds. I learned more than just the lesson of doing as I was told in a timely manner. It's not a good idea to try to cover your bottom with your hands while being spanked, especially not when a wooden spoon is involved. I kicked and squirmed but didn't escape a single smack. I also had my hands washed, dried and was sitting(sorely) at the table faster than I ever had before. Guess I have to admit that spanking is a huge motivation for me.


Richard Windsor said...

Hey, now look at that pretty girl who has just joined the blogspot world!! I haven't forgotten you buddy, we will need to chat and catch up real soon.


Dave said...

Lovely photo, indeed! :-)!


Anonymous said...

how old when you got your last spanking from mom or dad? and what did you do? love your blog.


spanking~amber said...

Jack, Thank you for stopping in on my blog and I'm happy that you enjoy it :)
The last spanking I received from my mom was when I was around 14 or 15. My last spanking from my dad wa at age 16 and was the most severe I have ever experienced. I mention this in my first spanking video on the link for this particular scene is:

Happy spanking,