Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shadow Lane 2007

Well I've returned from attending the Shadow Lane event in Vegas and brought home a slightly sore bottom as a souvenir. Seeing familiar faces from last year along with several of the members from as well, was a treat. The pictures you see here were taken at the vendor fair and the strap was being swung by Ian from Ouch ! He delivered that long time owed spanking as promised with gusto I must say. He spanked me again later at a suite party along with Dallas from "Spanks Hard" is well said. My bottom was a bright red halfway through the spanking I think. I also had the pleasure of working with Veronica once again from
I will keep you posted when that update is available on their site. She is one of a kind and can spank with the best of em' !


BlackKentuckyspanker said...

hey whats up check out my blog

Anonymous said...

I was so bummed we didn't get to play ;-( I waited in my room for you two to come up after Lunch Sunday...and then waited some more, and then some more. Leah even waited with me for a bit so that (Tom) would have some company while we played.

Then I decided that I had been stood up and left. At 5:30 PM I got the voicemail you had left me at 2:30PM I knew at that point you were already gone! You were one of the people I looked forward to playing with the most and I was so bummed we didn't get a chance. I hope you had a fun weekend, I did!

Right now its Sunday, AM, this has literally been my first chance to just relax and write those friends that I missed. Playing catch up all week and getting back in swing of day to day life has been exhausting. I lost your email address so I am writing you here!

Here is my Vanilla Myspace:

Here is my not so Vanilla one:

Till we meet again,

The Spanking Couple said...


We loved seeing you and Tom again at the SL party! Getting to film with you again was a treat! You are a doll and can take a very good spanking!

We hope to see you again very soon!

Veronica Daniels

Anonymous said...

WOW, you got it good from Ian! Looks like you had problems staying in position, so we all know they were some good strokes from him.

ZED & ginger said...

So happy that ya'll had such a good time! I really wish we coulda been there to partake in the fun. (Zed wouldn't have been much use, tho, with his broken arm and all)


Dave said...

Sounds wonderful. Delicious pix! Love those white panties.


emily said...

gawsh Ian's so mean tehe!!


emily said...
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